Primary Services


Institute for Mental Disease-Nursing Facility

A primary service provided at Trempealeau County Health Care Center on the IMD-NF units includes a focus on safety using an interdisciplinary treatment team approach.

Town Centre

We provide two secured IMD-NF units that support an individual’s safety while receiving treatment. Additionally, an unsecured unit and Gero-Psych Stabilization Unit within the IMD-NF licensure allows for individuals who experience less struggles with safety to receive treatment with close access to a more supportive environment, if needed. Once an individual has completed our treatment program they are discharged to one of our community-based placements or return to the community to continue their recovery in a less structured setting.

A unique program within the Trempealeau County Health Care system is the ability to utilize the Crisis Bed Program at our Main center. This program allows an individual within our system, who is struggling with safety, to be temporarily admitted or be readmitted to the IMD-NF unit for further stabilization in a safe and supportive environment.

Individuals who are admitted to our IMD –NF units are on either a Mental Health Commitment or Protective Placement Order under Wisconsin state statutes. These are individuals who have struggled with serious and persistent mental illness or addictions who are in need of additional supports not available in the community.

Please see resources for additional information for admissions.

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Nursing Facility

Trempealeau County Health Care Center’s skilled nursing facility strives to ensure dignity and respect while providing safety, care and quality of life to persons with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia, those who may be at risk for wandering, and others with significant behavioral challenges.

Our interdisciplinary team approach addresses the relationship between the individual’s medical needs and behavioral symptoms. Our team strives to assist individuals to maintain their highest level of functioning and to provide the best quality to their daily lives.

Each individual is assisted with exploring their social, emotional and recreational needs and wants. Programs and activities are designed to enhance the individual’s life as well as reflect upon their experiences. With a focus on individual strengths, interests, and abilities, the team promotes independence, positive self-esteem, value, and socialization. Our caring staff supports both the individuals and those close to them as they continue in their journey of life.