TeleHealth Option


TeleHealth allows participants to see and hear each other through large monitors. Those participating remain in their offices and you are at a TeleHealth site that can be more convenient for you. A staff member is there to make sure the equipment works smoothly and the meeting happens as scheduled. TeleHealth visits can often eliminate long distance travel and be more convenient to the parties participating.

How is TeleHealth Different?

Except for the equipment, a TeleHealth visit is no different than a visit at which you appear in person. The physician or counselor can see you and speak with you and anyone who might be with you at your choice. You can see the physician or counselor and anyone who is with them at the video site. Transmission of the visit is secure, and your privacy is protected.

What are the advantages of a TeleHealth visit?

Often an appearance through a TeleHealth visit can happen faster than an in-person appearance. This is especially true when distance is an issue between the medical provider and the person seeking the appointment. Also, the TeleHealth location may be closer to you. The TeleHealth visit may also allow participation by family members or those who are important to you and involved in the visit or counseling.

How is a TeleHealth visit scheduled?

Your physician or counselor may introduce you to the possibility of using the TeleHealth option. If you are interested, let them know. As you schedule a visit, the preference for the use of TeleHealth may enter into the scheduling decision process. Once the request is made, the Program Director will determine if such scheduling can take place and will make arrangements for such.