Tri-R Recycling


Rural Recycling Reclamation

The Tri-R Recycling Project was established to collect and process recyclable materials in an effort to conserve natural resources. The recycling facility is located on the Trempealeau County Health Care Center grounds and employs many individuals with disabilities as part of their vocational rehabilitation program. These individuals earn valuable work experience as well as competitve wages. The Tri-R Project has met with enormous success and received the State of Wisconsin Governor’s Waste Reduction and Recycling Award for Innovative Programs in 1993.


The Tri-R project serves most of northern and central Trempealeau County and provides a variety of services to local communities, including:


  • Curbside pickup of recyclable materials
  • Manned drop-off program for collection of recyclable materials
  • Pick-up of recyclable materials from other local drop-off programs


Pick-up of recyclables from commercial and industrial businesses in local communities